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Facebook in Vietnam 2015

Facebook has become the main social plateform in Vietnam

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Facebook users from 2011 to 2015 in Vietnam

  • 3-2015: 31.3 Millions
  • 12-2014: 27 Millions
  • 8-2013: 19.6 Millions
  • 10-2012: 8.5 Millions
  • 2-2011: 1.4 Millions

Facebook users by location in Vietnam

  • HCMC: Men:3.2 – Women:2.8 Millions
  • HANOI: Men:3.4 – Women:3 Millions
  • DANANG: Men:0.34 – Women:0.32 Millions
  • CAN THO: Men:0.26 – Women:0.24 Millions
  • HAI PHONG: Men:0.36 – Women:0.30 Millions
  • OTHERS: Men:9.82 – Women:7.27 Millions


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